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  • Filters
  • Filters and their uses

    Filters or gels, are more than just tools used for stage lighting, cycloramas and gobos, filters can be used for limitless applications such as parties, aquarium lighting, bug deterant or even used to support your local afl footy team!

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  • Reptiles
  • Reptiles and Lighting

    Not all UVB products are created equally. LRA has teamed up with ReptileUV to bring the best in reptile lighting to our shores.

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  • LED Lighting
  • The truth about LED lighting in Australia

    LED Lighting is a hot topic in Australia - the new acrynom for LED is becoming "Lies, Exaggeration and Deception". Here's a simple checklist to ensure you avoid investing in inferior products.

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  • Recycling
  • Recycling used lamps is easier than ever

    Disposing of used lamps and tubes prevents toxic elements entering our landfills and the surrounding environment. LRA has teamed up with Fluorocycle to make recycling as easy as possible.

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