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Marine lighting solutions and lamps.

The marine environment is a tough one that calls for equally tough lamps and lights for a variety of applications. We know this at Lamp Replacements Australia because companies from the marine sector turn to us for their lighting solutions, time and again.

We’ll never leave you high and dry

From lighting for private and commercial grade marine vessels, through to cranes, dredging machinery and entire ports, we’ve been supplying and installing lights for practically every conceivable marine requirement for years. That includes developing and sourcing custom lamp designs with the help of our trusted lighting suppliers, enabling ships to satisfy environmental standards.

Some of our clients in this sector include:

  • Taylor Marine
  • Australian Commercial Marine
  • Bhagwan Marine
  • Sinwa Australia
  • Dredging International
  • Austal Shipping
  • Australian Maritime System
  • Offshore Marine Service Alliance
  • Sealanes Australia

Browse some of our recent marine projects

Case Study: Fishing Game Boat

Client had a request for his 60 foot game fishing boat to have increased visability to spot cray pots and other hazards encountered during his regular trips down the coast for refittings.

We recommended a specialty Hella Marine product which would produce the required output at a big enough throw of light to effectively act like a headlight to spot those oncoming obstacles.

The client was satisfied with the outcome and has not had any problems with the unit since installation.

Case Study: Fremantle Container forklifts

Project details: LRA was recently contacted to provide a lighting solution with a client scope to improve the visibility and safety for forklift operators at Fremantle port at night.

LRA responded and provided a design which aimed to not only both improve visibility through design and modelling,  using different container sizes, but also improve the efficiency in how light was controlled and effectively use.

As a result the solution would not only would there be an improvement visibility and hence safety, but also efficiency in energy use and less drain on the forklifts systems and overall maintenance.

Case Study: Mammoet Crane

Project details: We were recently called on to light a 1,600 tonne floating crane for one of Australia's largest gas projects, with lighting designed to environmental standards.

Find out more about our lighting services available across Australia. Read about our breadth of capabilities, from delivering energy efficient lighting solutions for building management companies or specialised lighting for hospitals. Alternatively, contact our team to discuss your requirements.