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From energy efficient lighting for large retail chains, to small local business fitouts/refurbs, no job is too large or small for our team at Lamp Replacements Australia.

If you’re a retail manager or small business owner, you might be looking to upgrade the lighting to your shop but don't know where to start? At Lamp replacements, we can help by:

  • Providing a tailor made solution to meet you and your industry needs
  • Suggesting the right lighting fixtures and light levels to get the best out your shop front
  • Help identify any certain hard to find lamps or lighting accessories for your unique needs
  • Offering enery efficient products in a prompt an efficient manner to your budget
  • Cut down on your work by being the "one stop lighting shop" for all your lighting needs
  • Grow long term relationships with your business as your success is our success

These are just a few of the services that we can provide. Feel free to contact us and we'll organise a representative to see you.

We can also assist in achieving BCA required standards or other regulatory requirements, and we’re registered within the CM3 OHS Contractor Management Portal. See below for a few of our case studies:

Recent Projects include:

Floral State, Perth WA

Project Details: At LRA we have a strong set of principles when it comes to good lighting, no matter what size of business you are. One of those principles is good colour matching and rendering to make your workplace an effective for both staff productivity and customer appeal.

In this project we assisted Floral State, a sucessful boutique online store, to fit out colour matching lamps to suit their existing lighting. Their requirements were clear; match their existing lighting with an LED solution so they have a beautifully even light space for their creative workshop where all the magic happens. With a unique lamp base which was uncommon for the colour temperature they needed and throw in some dimming requirements, LRA supplied lighting to match up picture perfect, when all others suppliers had failed.

The result is now as you see it, beautiful, clean, crisp.

Contact your local LRA if you have any lighting issues that you need a help for, LRA have been offering bright solutions for local Australian companies big and small for over 20 years.

Special thanks to Lee and Tim from floral state for the oppurtunity to let us show off their beautiful workshop!

Beyond Skate, Perth WA

Project details: LRA proposed a replacement solution for old T8 cool white and daylight tubes, in which currently was not providing even lighting both in colour temperature and lux levels.

LRA offered a combination of linkable T5 10 watt and 20 watt 5000k LED fixtures.

This solved their problem of colour uniformity in their products, while also removing any shadowing caused by joins. An added bonus was due to the simplicity and DIY nature of the fixture the customer opted to install themselves, saving on electical costs.

Rabbit in the Moon Cafe, North Fremantle WA

Project details: LRA assisted in the design and sourcing of light fixtures and associated lamps/control gear/accessories provided by a rought guide via the clients interior designer for a new build in an apartment complex.

LRA worked with the owners from the beginning of the interior specification stage through to fitout stage to ensure a smooth and easy build with a rep available to attend onsite to discuss any certain needs or issues.

Owners specified a melbourne feel and upon completion, the end result was beautiful warm but airy lighting atmosphere, including a custom made egg beater light fixture created by the owners with the assistance of LRA.

Key features or project included:

  • A state of the art Smart LED light fixtures with auto sensing ability in toilets
  • A mix of traditional and modular LED solutions to ensure easy DIY future self maintenance
  • Provision of FoodSafe light fixtures for Kitchen use over food prep areas
  • Provision of Insect trap light fixtures and tubes
  • Provision of LED Emergency lighting and indication lights
  • A custom built light fixture with accessories sourced by LRA
  • Staying within allocated budget and providing scope for future upgrades

Read about our other projects, includingenergy efficient lighting for the hospitality industry. Alternatively, learn more aboutLED lighting and LED downlights, orcontact our teamto talk to our lighting consultants across Australia and discuss your energy efficient lighting requirements.