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Did You Know? The Lighting Council Australia estimates that only 10% of lamps containing mercury are recycled. The rest end up in landfills, contaminating the soil and ultimately spreading to the wider environment.

Our Mission, In partnership with FluoroCycle, is to promote responsible recycling of lamps and prevent toxic elements entering our environment.

Recycling Targets. Thankfully, more businesses are seeking to reduce their impact on the environment and have set themselves goals to reduce waste. Programs such as Green Star and NABERS offer recycling strategies and targets.

If you or your client are working towards recycling goals, contact one of our stores and we can work together to reduce waste and create a sustainable future.


Our Services. Each of our stores are equipped with recycling facilities. We offer rates for individual lamps as well as larger prepaid boxes, which includes delivery, pick-up and recycling.

Lamps that we are able to recycle include
Incandescent Lamps & Globes Halogen Lamps & Globes LED Lamps
Fluorescent Tubes Compact Fluorescent Lamps Circular Fluorescent Lamps
Metal Halide Commercial Lamps Mercury Vapour Commercial Lamps Sodium Lamps

General Recycling Rates are shown below. For contractors and commercial clients, please contact us for more information.
Coopers Plains (QLD)
O'Connor (WA)

Small Non-mercury Globes
$0.50 each

Prepaid Recycling Box
100 x 4ft Tubes

$187 each - Find Out More
Compact Fluorescent Lamps
$1.00 each

Prepaid Recycling Box
50 x 5ft Tubes

$187 each - Find Out More
Linear Tubes
$1.00 each

Prepaid Recycling Box

$187 each - Find Out More
      All prepaid boxes included delivery, 
pick-up and recycling of lamps.
Available to Australian metro areas only.