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You’ll find our lighting experts in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane have a wealth of commercial lighting experience. So wherever you are in Australia, feel free to contact us with your lighting-related queries and questions. In the meantime, here are the answers to some FAQs.

I can't find the lamp, fixture or product I am looking for - can you help?

Here at LRA we are known for keeping stock of all the rare and hard to find lamps and fixtures. As a result, we have established a large network of suppliers and contacts to help source and find the exact lamp or fixture you have been searching for. We have over 20,000 line items, but unfortunately not all of them are currently featured on our website.

If you are having problems finding the item you need, more than likely we will have it or know how to get it for you. Simply contact us, send us a picture if you can, and our team of experts will happily find you the same item or a suitable alternative.

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What is your refund/goods return policy?

If you need to return the lighting products you have purchased from us, we’ll need your proof of receipt. Moreover, all products must be returned in a clean and sellable condition. No claims are recognised unless received in writing or an email within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Restocking fees may apply.

Please note, refunds will not be issued or replacements given for the following circumstances:

  • Non-stock or indent items specially ordered in for customers
  • Products which have been incorrectly installed, or used on defective or inappropriate control gear or voltages.
  • Gift vouchers
  • Custom Made and altered items (ie gels/filters, modified fixtures, custom products)
  • Specials & Clearance stock
  • Any items over 3 months old from date of invoice that are non-warranty claims


For our full goods returns policy, please click the link here.

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How long does shipping usually take? When can I pick up my item if I have selected a "Pick up" option?

If your items are in stock generally shipping usually will take 2-5 business days, there may be some issues occasionally, but where we can, we try to get your products to you as fast as possible.

Country customers may take longer for shipment, however either way an email will be sent when your order has been packed and sent on the courier.

Should one or some of the items not be in stocked, your order will not be released until all items are available, you can contact us under the "Online Sales & Tracking Enquiry" to find out your status of your order, an email will be sent to you when your order has been sent by the courier.

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What are your general terms of trade?

For the latest general terms of trade, please download this here.

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Why are your product images high resolution and why do some of them have a $2 coin on them? Is this included with the product?

At lamp replacements, we're lamp traders first and not exactly the best photographers, so some images we may have on the site are high resolution images, where we can, we are trying to scale them down, but if encountered you can be comfortable in the fact that the higher resolution and alternative angles where can let you view the finer detail, which can be crucial when identifying a lamp, especially with base types and filament design.

The $2 coin is just a point in reference for our products as lamps, fixtures and its associated accessories can range in all shapes and sizes, we place that coin in our photos so that you can have a rough guide on how big the product will be.

And no, unfortunately the $2 coin is not included with the product.

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Why do you provide alternative or similar brands in your online shop?

Sometimes for general items such as tubes, candles and globes, branding is not such a big deal to the consumer and we may stock multiple brands of the same product.

A common item for examplei s a standard 36w colour 840 T8 tube.

We can source from OSRAM, Philips and GE among the other major manufacturers, but essentially the tube is still all the same, with the same output, life and wattage consumption.

So where we can, we send out the brands that are advertised on our website, but should there be stock outs for whatever reason of that particular brand, we will let you know if you would like to accept the alternative equivalent brand to not hold up the delivery of the order.

However, should you specifically need that particular brand, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments/notes section of your order, or let us know when we have contacted you, or submit your issue to our contact us page under "Online Order enquiry".

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Why should we choose you over eBay, Bunnings, Masters or other online retailers?

At Lamp Replacements Australia, we are official suppliers with the major brands with an established distribution network, which means we can source the best products at the best prices. Our relationships with our suppliers are strong and long established, to the point where we have official ‘dealer’ or ‘agency’ logos that show our suppliers trust in our ability to provide quality service to their products. Some basic reasons why you should choose LRA:

  • We ensure our warehouses are always well stocked, unlike some wholesalers and retailers.
  • We provide a higher level of lighting information than your general businesses with trained and experienced lighting specialists just a phone call away.
  • We take pride and responsibility in the stock that we supply and strive to always provide the highest levels of service.
  • Because we only supply quality stock from approved manufacturers, you can guarantee our products are all legitimate and suited for Australian standards.
  • On eBay and other sites, you might be able to find similar products, but they can be counterfeits or reject stock from factories.
  • Overseas suppliers can also supply goods that are not fit for Australian standardsthat can be potentially dangerous and in certain circumstances void insurance policies due to non compliancewith standards.


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Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, however this functionality is not available on the website as yet. The best option is to let us know which products you are interested in and send it to us through our contact us under the "Online Sales &Tracking Enquiry" and we will do a custom quotation for you.

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Got a question about commercial lighting products or solutions? Visit our Lighting Ed page for information about LED lights in Australia, or simply contact us for an expert opinion on any commercial lighting matter.