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Filters, more uses than just stage and studio

Filters, or gels, are more than just tools used for stage lighting, cycloramas and gobos. They offer limitless applications such as party lighting, aquarium lighting, bug deterants or even used to support your local afl footy team!


Vibrant Lighting with Colour Filters

Filters are simply transparent materials that allow only specific colours to pass through. Natural white light contains all the colours of the rainbow, placing a filter in front of such a source will extract the chosen colour.

Colour Filter

Light can be  transformed into vibrant colours, so filters find themselves being used from anything from architectural lighting through to stage and studio lighting.

Stage Lighting

Light up the stage with LEE filters

LEE Filters' exceptional range of colour effect filters are reliable and durable, with consistency from batch to batch. Their High Temperature filters are designed to meet the requirements of hot light sources, such as incandescent stage lighting.

Filters can also produce more subtle effects, such as creating the perfect atmosphere in cinematography.

Browse the full range of LEE filters here.

Support your AFL team with their colours

Below we've included a handy guide of the filter colours available for your favorite sporting teams! If you can't find your team, why not try browsing through our filters here.

  • FremantleDockers
  • Hawks
  • PortPower
  • North Melbourne Kangaroos
  • Sydney Swans

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