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Reptiles and UV Lighting

Not all UVB products are created equally. To keep your reptilian friend as healthy as possible we recommend choosing only the highest quality UV lights. LRA has teamed up with ReptileUV to bring their MegaRay lamps to our Australian shores.

Reptile UV Lighting

Reptiles need UV light

In order to stay healthy, reptiles require both UVA and UVB radiation. Without UVB, vitamin D3 cannot be produced. This critical vitamin is just as important as food, water and heat. Vitamin D3 allows the absorption of calcium from a reptile's diet. Without it, your little friend may develop hypocalcaemia and muscle spasms or metabolic bone disorder. D3 has been scientifically proven to boost a healthy immune system and protect against some cancers.

UVA is also important as without it your reptile will be partially colour blind.

In the past reptile carers have relied on natural sunlight for adequate UV light.

What exactly is UVB?

All light and colours that we can see with our eyes exist within the electromagnetic spectrum. While we can't see UV light, nor x-rays, infrared or gamma rays, these are all electromagnetic waves - the same as visible light. Our eyes and brain just can't interpret their signal, so we are blind to their existance! UV light sits on the edge of the visible part of the spectrum, with some birds and animals being able to see this light. In technical terms, it has a wavelength within the 290 - 400nm range with UVB sitting within 290 - 310nm. This type of light acts on natural cholesterols in skin to produce vitamin D3.
Electromagnetic Spectrum

While basking lamps on the market may produce UV light, some do not produce UVB.

Not all UV is created equal!

There are two types of UVB lamps available - fluorescent tube/CFL and mercury vapour (MV) lamps. While both produce UVB, the ReptileUV MegaRay MV lamps produce more UVB than the best fluorescents - and at much greater distances. It is the ideal rehabilitation tool for metabolic bone disorder that some reptiles suffer from. There is a reason you find reptiles basking in the sun!
UV Lamps

Bringing MegaRay lamps to Australia

We have brought ReptileUV's MegaRay lamps to Australia because they provide quality care for your reptiles. Made in Canada by Westron Lighting, they provide optimal UVB with wide angles for larger basking areas. All UVB lamps eventually decay and require changing, but MegaRay lamps slow the decay process by 30% over other brands on the market. Go to our re
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