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Lighting for cultural centres across Australia.

Our work with community and arts organisations, providing lighting in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and across Australia, is as diverse as the range of products available via our online lighting store .

Lighting up Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth…

From stage and studio lighting, to LEE filters and gaffer tapes, to lamp holders and lighting solutions for museum and gallery spaces, our capabilities span the lighting spectrum, as well as Australia.

Over the years we have provided a host of lighting services for iconic cultural centres nationwide, including:

  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Perth
  • His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth
  • Science Works, Melbourne
  • Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Victoria
  • Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane
  • Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane
  • Melbourne Museum, Melbourne
  • Immigration Museum, Melbourne
  • Gold Coast Arts Centre, Gold Coat
  • Queensland Museum, Brisbane

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Perth, Western Australia

Project details: A whole-building lighting fit out – approximately 50+ fittings with a mix of traditional and custom made LED fittings designed and specified to Church approval.This project required a custom output light which Lamp Replacements sourced from our supplier contacts to be specially made and ordered in. The customer only wanted to use the highest name brand lighting, and had a variety of different fittings which were in need of an update.

With the assistance of Elders electrical contractors, the job was completed on time and satisfied the customers request.

Church Lighting Project Lighting Project Lighting Project Downlight LED Downlight

Learn more about our lighting projects in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and across Australia. Alternatively, contact us or read about the lighting experts in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth providing the industry’s best products, advice and solutions to clients nationwide.