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Enduro LED Smart Battens

Enduro Smart BattensThe Enduro LED Battens are a tough, weatherproof and smart solution to outdoor lighting. Combining a microwave and lux sensor, the battens activate when motion is detected or light levels fall to a specified level. 

The Enduro Smart Battens are available in 2 sizes - 690mm and 1253mm. Both models include an inbuilt LED driver (220-240V) and have a long rated life of 35,000 hours.


The Enduro Battens have a high IP65 rating making them suitable for outdoor installations and in wet areas. The IK10 rating means the units are impact resistant, ideal for areas where secure lighting is a priority.


   690mm 1253mm
Wattage 28W 53W
Colour Temperature 4000K 4000K
Lumen Output 2500lm 5000lm
Beam Angle 110° 110°
Dimensions 690x141x73mm 1253x141x73mm
Weight 2.80kg 4.9kg
Replacement For 2x18W T8
2x36W T8

DIY Control Panel

The DIY dip switches allow the user to customise parameters, such as sensor detection range, lux level and light duration. 

DIY Control Panel

'Always on' Feature

A unique feature of the battens is the ability to rest at 20% light output. When motion is detected the unit will activate back to 100%. This allows for areas to always be illuminated, creating a safer and more secure environment while saving energy.

Also available to the user is the 'Traditional' operation of having the unit shut off completely when resting.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Linkable Units

The Battens can be linked together to create an array of lights that simulataneously activate when a 'master' unit is tripped. Connect up to 10 non-sensored units to 1 sensored master unit.

Linkable Units

Smart Sensor Specifications

Detection Range 12 - 18 meters
Detection Angle 30° to 150°
Light Duration 5sec - 30min
Photocell Sensor 2 - 50 lux or disabled
Detection Height 10 meters max.

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28W 690mm 4000K 53W 1253mm 4000K
28W 690mm 4000K 53W 1253mm 4000K