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Australian distribution for Osram specialty lamps

We are proud to be the official distributor for Osram specialty lamps, bringing their high quality stage & studio, airfield, medical and UV lamps to the Australian lighting sector.

Osram Specialty Lamps Australia

Osram specialty lamps

Osram lighting, founded in Germany 1919, has been leading the lighting industry for almost a century. The quality, reliability and performance of their products has made them a trusted name and one we are proud to support. Our long experience in the commercial lighting sector has lead us to become an official distributor for Osram specialty lighting in Australia, with a range that includes stage & studio, cinema projection, medical, airfield lighting as well as numerous scientific and laboratory lamp replacements.

Stage and Studio Lighting

Stage and studio lighting

Osram stage, studio, TV and theater lighting aims at bringing out the best in every performance. Their lamps offer first-class colour rendering and stable colour temperatures resulting in maximum colour fidelity. Reliability is paramount, as failures can ruin takes or distract from the performer.

Contact your nearest LRA branch to order all your stage and studio lamps, such as
  • HMI metal halide single and double ended
  • High voltage halogen
  • Lok-it!
  • HPL high performance
  • Halogen double ended
  • PAR - parabolic aluminium reflector

Airfield and Airport Lighting

Airfield lighting

Visibility is fundamental for safe take-offs and landings at night, particularly in poor weather conditions. Light sources, either in-ground or above, assist pilots in identifying correct paths. This requires lamps to be shock-proof and be able to withstand the strong vibrations that aircraft create.

For any replacement airfield lamps, contact your nearest LRA branch. The Osram range includes:
  • Halogen current-controlled lamps with PK30d bases
  • Single and double ended current controlled halogen lamps
  • Halogen lamps with reflectors

Medical Lamps

Medical and scientific applications

Halogen lamps cover a vast range of applications, particularly in medical fields. This includes analysis, microscopy, surgical lighting and diagnostics. Visibility and clarity is paramount which is why only the highest quality components should be chosen.

Osram medical lamps include
  • Low voltage halogen lamps
  • Xenon HLX lamps
  • Multi-faceted reflector (MR) lamps
Contact your local LRA branch for any medical lamp requirements.


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